Penangan FACEBOOK.

Facebook memang betul2 memberi impak kepada kehidupan masyarakat dunia. Termasuk la saya sendiri. Terbaru, seorang remaja lelaki berusia 18 tahun terkena serangan asma yang teruk apabila melihat ex-gf dia punya friend list terdiri dari ramai lelaki. LoL~!

Artikel penuh:

"....As they say it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. That is exactly what happened to Gennarao D’Amato an eighteen year old boy with serious asthma issues. After his girlfriend dumped him he signed on to Facebook under another name and when she be-friended him again he was shocked by the amount of guys she had as her friends. This set him off into a major asthma attack.

After having his breathing monitored before and after logging into Facebook and speaking with a psychiatrist Gennaro has decided to stop logging into Facebook. It was also pointed out that Gennarao might have had the same reaction hearing gossip in town about his ex."

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